Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Appeal : Ah B Gang and their C's

Dear Hannah,

Just like you, we Subang Jayans are deeply concerned and extremely troubled by the various development that brought by Ah B gang in Subang Jaya and Malaysia at large. Ah B gang has 'left' lots of C's and still 'increasing' rapidly here and throughout the country.

So many houses were broke in, so many people were snatched, so many vehicles were stolen.
We don't want more campaigns (wasting effort), we need more police patrols! We don't want more CCTV (wasting money), we need more police force! We don't want more neighbourhood watch programs (not our job to jaga safety), we need more sleeps!
We already work hard and pay high taxes. Please don't make us hire own security, sacrifice sleeps to patrol, built more fences for protection (MPSJ tear down later). MORE POLICE PLEASE!!!
So many shops are built with so few space to park, so many apartments are developed with so few roads to commute, so many people are here with so few public transport.
We don't want more tolls, we just need more access roads! (you know USJ!) We don't want more parking meters, we just need more parking spaces! We don't just want LRT stations, we need more public transport integration! We don't want more buildings, we just need more green lung areas! (Please don't let them develop the Park)
We already have so many shops and cars. Please don't let them build some more (look at Taipan!). MORE SPACE PLEASE!

So many projects were launched but did not benefit the people, so many expensive places were built but None of us enjoy, so much money collected but no one knows where it went.
We don't want road-side smoky man-made park, we just need some trees and grass. We don't want million-dollar toilets, we just need simple place to phee. We don't want beautiful facilities here and there, we just need the holes of the roads filled up.
MPSJ is the richest municipal in Malaysia but our town looks like no money to jaga. Please don't let them KOREK anymore. NO MORE CRONIES PLEASE!

As Ah B gang brought all the C's here, only Ah D Team can get rid of the Ah B gang and their C's. Since you are Ah D Team's representative here, we can count on you. We need you !!!

Yours Sincerely,
Subang Jayans

Hannah has NO TIME for Subang Jayans?

Someone said : Hannah is still young, inexperience and newly wed. She has long way to go. She'd have no time to serve the people.

We'd like to say : When Hannah has NO TIME, she still make time for the People and stand up to this Call !!! That shows how committed she is. She'll be giving all out when she got elected then!

Unlike somebody else waited until they have PLENTY of TIME now (e.g. children not around, nothing else better to do) then only coming out to serve. People like them will only serve when they have time i.e. we won't see them when they are busy! Just like most of the Ah BeNg MPs / ADUNs - you only see them once in while (some once in 5 years) when they have time.

Dear Subang Jayans : who would you choose?

Hannah's 3 C's and 3 E's

From Hannah's concerns and speeches, she has clearly shown us that her 3 C's and 3 E's agenda for all the Subang Jayans.

For Subang Jayans, she will fight against 3 C's that comes from supporting B (B for BN):

1. CORRUPTION - misused of people funds and taxes for personal gains.
2. CRIME - deteriorating safety of individual and property.
3. CONJESTION - traffic and parking issues coupled with non-stop high density development.

For Subang Jayans, she will fight for 3 E's that comes with supporting D (D for DAP) :

1. EFFECTIVE Governance - ensure development plans fit resident's interests and benefits.
2. EFFICIENT Management - Alignment of LRT & bus routes to ease traffic issues.
3. ENVIRONMENTAL Health - Preservation of Green Lung areas and more Recreation areas for the people.

So, vote for Hannah for with H comes I = Intelligence, Integrity, and Improvement.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's WRONG with Hannah Yeoh?


Some have said these about Hannah Yeoh :-
1. She is too young! Where got knowledge?
2. She is too new! Where got support?
3. She is too fresh! Where got experience?
4. She is newly wed! Where got commitment?

Well, that's RIGHT... that's RIGHT about Hannah, not WRONG about Hannah!


1. She is young therefore energetic, strong, healthy, confident and brave. She has more strength and time for the people, plus many more years ahead (another 20 years at least).

2. She is new therefore committed, courages and condescend. After grown up, she still settled down in Subang Jaya means she committed her life to this place instead of running away to another country like some do. She is not afraid and took up the challenge + duty to contest for the people of Subang Jaya.

3. She is fresh therefore clean and pure, genuine and integrity, willing and eager to learn. She is smart (top student), qualified (law grad) and capable (student leader). She got no chance to be corrupted (consequence of not joining BN). She got plenty of learning opportunities from the Best of the Best (such as Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok, Teng Chang Khim)

4. She is newly wed therefore she won't be fighting alone! Her husband is the man of her success and she will always have his love and encouragement and support in whatever trials and difficulties she is going to face.

So, tell me : Anything wrong with Hannah?
NO !!!


If anyone said Hannah is too young or too new or too fresh again, please ask this question:
When you apply / got a first job, why didn't your boss reject / fire you because your were young, new and fresh?

Simple, that's because:-
1) Your boss checked your quality through your qualification.
2) Your boss assessed your capability through your credential.
3) Your boss anticipate your potential based on your commitment and performance in the interviews.

Likewise, let's look at Hannah:-
1) Quality (Qualification) - Law Graduate, Top Student in school.
2) Capability (Credential) - Head Prefect (Student Leader), Event Management (organized & effecient).
3) Potential (Performance & Commitment) - see it yourself at her Ceremah! There were 1000 people "interviewed" her on Tuesday and 3000 people "interviewed" her on Wednesday. From the responses, you know the people has spoken : We want Hannah Yeoh!