Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13 : No Longer A Fearful Date

“May 13”, a date or rather a term that was “sensitive” to mention in multi-racial places. Especially to the Chinese community, it was a date to be remembered with FEAR and CAUTIOUS. In the past General Elections, BN always like to use this term to remind the non-Malay community of the darkest moment of our nation racial history. It was a tactic, and quite a successful one (in the past), to create fear among the voters when the Opposition seems have great chance to win.

In every General Election, when the Opposition seems to be STRONG and likely to WIN, the rumours started to spread. Somehow, BN parties such as MCA would “preach” that “Malaysia cannot afford to have another May 13” therefore “do not vote Opposition such as DAP”. Even the recent 12th General Election, we can still hear sayings about possible May 13 incident even Opposition win BIG this time. Our paranoid parents and uncles and aunties in Subang Jaya started to store food from Giants when Election day approached.

Well, the curse has been broken.

On March 8th/9th, Opposition won BIG – it was a Political Tsunami in Malaysia. Despite of SMSes saying places such as Klang has “incidents”, despite of phone calls from relatives and friends from overseas asking whether any riot happening, NOTHING HAPPENED! Malaysians witnessed a peaceful TSUNAMI in Malaysian’s political arena. The Opposition supporters were urged not to celebrate or parade publicly to avoid tension. Everybody was calm and steady!

May 13 is OFFICIALLY HISTORY! We no longer have to worry about May 13 as Malaysians have proven to be matured, racial-harmonized, and united for CHANGE. BN can no longer use this term is future Elections to frighten the Rakyat and voters. Nobody has to fear to cast their votes to their Party of choice even it is Opposition.

Malaysians, we are FREE from May 13 !!!