Monday, September 1, 2008

MPSJ Board Meeting : What's the Big Deal about Reserved Seats?

In MPSJ Full Board Meeting on 28 August, PKR Councillor Keshminder Singh protested our ADUN Y.B. Hannah Yeoh for seated at the reserved place for councillors. It was reported in major English papers e.g. The Star and also in Hannah's blog.

It's a Reserved Place, so WHAT?
First of all, we are very disappointed for Keshminder childish and immatured over-reacting behaviour. Would matured professional such as Hannah Yeoh would have seated at a known Reserved Place if she was not permitted at the first place? Keshminder should first check the fact first : she has seeked for permission before she occupied place!

He should be spending more effort in checking for abuse of people's fund (i.e. misuse Subang Jayans' money without permission) instead of protesting over "seating on Reserved Place"! Didn't he have more important thing to do?

Hannah Yeoh : our People's Representative!
Secondly, Hannah knew that she was there only as an observer. In particularly, she was being a responsibled People's Representative for attending this meeting on our behalf. Would you want ALL SUBANG JAYANS to flood the place to check out what you guys are talking in the meeting instead of having ONE Hannah Yeoh who is our Representative to be there, Keshminder?

Hannah knew what's right and wrong to do therefore she didn't even utter a word during her presence in the board meetings. We don't understand why Keshminder raised issue about elected representatives were not allowed to interfere with the running of the local governments. That's the problem when the local governments are not ELECTED! Heh, Keshminder, you are responsible to us : Subang Jayans, not MPSJ or yourself!

Councillors : Should Be Elected, Too!
Lastly, again and again, we urged the Government of Selangor to speed up the realization of Election of Local Government. This will ensure local governments are put in the hands of the People's choice of Management and they are answerable directly to the People! Councillors, especially, should be elected too for we don't want immatured and childish bureaucrats like Keshminder and Tan Jo Hann to be in MPSJ Board wasting our precious resources and limited RESERVED SEATS!

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